Friday, April 18, 2008

Dear God

As part of my Russian study, I am doing a lot of translation work, especially in children's books and news papers. Here is a section of the news paper (Asia Plus) which details excerpts from letters that 3000 Tajiks (of Russian descent and Christian religion) wrote to God.

-Greetings, Lord. How are you? How is your life and your health?

-If it is you who arranges to turn off the electricity, who is going to pray to you?

-Why do you punish good people?

- For those of us who suffered through the winter could it possibly be worse in your hell?

-I love You, of course, but my mother and father more, is that okay?

-Can I please not die?

- Okay, so Christ suffered for the sake of people, but for what sake do people suffer?

- Why is the world without affection?

-Do you have a mind, or are you made all of soul?

-Well, if I correctly understood evolution, you created Adam and Eve, but people are decended from snakes, right?

-What can a person do in their life without a mother?

- In the Cosmos is there a beginning and end, right and left directions, a top and a bottom?

- Can I help you with anything?

- What did you do to my father that he is so unlucky?


Anonymous said...

A, this is a very funny blog. Such questions! Similar to those asked to God by children in the west. Love, e.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog! I love tajikistan culture, though I-ve never been to there.
I have tried to see your pictures from Tajikistan, but I can't. Would you please send me the link to my email account>
Best wishes!