Wednesday, October 3, 2007

German anyone?

Well, I had planned on writing a nice long entry about my family and daily life, but suddenly a girl came up to me here in the internet cafe and started speaking with me in German. It turns out she is a German student at the University and will be in the English club Canyon and I will be leading. And then her friend, who is the owner manager of this (very nice) internet cafe just told her (to translate to me in German --to translate to Canyon in English) that we can use this internet cafe as much as we want with out paying. He will also come to the English Club. This language game is fun. Neither one of them speaks ANY English...

It's funny that I've spoken more German here than I did in those 24 hours I spent in Frankfurt on the way here. Most teachers at the Waldorf School speak German because they recieved their Waldorf training in Germany, and there is a very good German teacher, Rano, who teaches in area high schools as well as universities, so her students are competent with the language. Many people want to learn English, though, as going to America is the biggest dream for them so we hope to be able to help them with our English Club.

10/9 SORRY! There is only one club, the English Club. I meant to write that but wrote German instead, so sorry about the confusion.


Eoghang said...

German? Ya'll be well prepared for Munich!
Reads like there are two clubs, German club and English club, yes?

Anonymous said...

I woke up this morning wondering what your daily life is like and was excited to read your last two entries. I love the details! What kind of food do you eat? Do people drink water? Tap water or is it bottled? Carbonated? What are the bathroom/toilet facilities like? What is the temperature like? Do you have a camera so you can put pictures on your blog? Ich freue mich sehr, dass du dein Deutsch benutzen kannst, Aisling! Alles gute, Ann

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful story. Please keep it going.